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Halloween season with Fibro

Here are my 3 tips to help you celebrate Halloween Season during a fibro flare up.

  1. Scary Movies:

If you are in a Fibro Flare or trying to avoid one, soothing your nervous system can make a positive impact on how you feel mentally and physically. While scary movies can be fun this time of year, they can also trigger our nervous system!

If you love this tradition: Choose a movie you know and love so the scares are not quite as jolting to your system. The jump scares can put our body into fight or flight mode and sometimes trigger fibro symptoms. If you know mike meyers is just around the corner it's a little less taxing to our nervous system.

You can also choose a more family friendly Halloween movie that celebrates the spirit of halloween without the jumps. Some of the ones I love are Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin or the Good Witch movies/series. These are feel good stories we can all enjoy.

2. Trick or Treat:

It can be so much fun to hand out candy but if you are not feeling well, getting up and down over and over again can be really difficult and sometimes the constant ringing of the doorbell can be overstimulating.

If you love this tradition: here are some things you can try instead.

Consider making up small bags of treats ahead of time. Choose a day that you are feeling good or have extra spoons. You can gift those treat bags to loved ones, children who live nearby or maybe even bring them to work to spread some cheer to your co-workers and their kids too.

Look for the opportunity to participate in a local trunk or treat event. We did the one at the fall festival here and Rotterdam and it was so much fun. While it does take some work to decorate your trunk, (there are some great and easy themes. We went super cozy with ours) once that is done you can bring a comfy chair to sit it while the kids come up to your trunk. Bring a friend to help out, or fill a cauldron and let the kids pick candy themselves.

Also, if you don't want all that candy around, we ran out of spider rings that the kids went wild for. Lots of kids of have allergies or sensitivities so they got really excited for something different.

Fun, easy, and you can take advantage of a moment you are feeling your best.

3. Bobbing for apples:

Okay so I know you are probably not bobbing for apples in this chilly weather, but if you are taking your kids out trick or treating, plan to hand out candy, or have other fun events to attend, making dinner can be a huge undertaking while also dealing with a flare.

Don't let it overwhelm you and make a plan instead:

Take a minute to look at your Halloween schedule. Set a reminder to call your favorite take out spot a day or so head with an order. Set a time for pick up or even better delivery. If you don't want to do take out, pick your favorite crock pot recipe, or something really simple you can make the night before.

Give yourself permission to do things the easy way, so that you can get as much enjoyment as you can!


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