Frequently asked Questions

  • Do  you only work with people who have autoimmune disorders?  We love working with just about everyone and can customize every session to meet your needs. We specialize in working with clients who struggle with autoimmune disorders because we have the education, experience, and techniques that work best to help them feel less stress and pain to feel more comfortable. 

  • What types of payments do you accept? We accept Cash, Check, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express. Payments are taken at the time of checkout after your massage. You will receive a receipt via the email associated with your account

  • Do you offer couples massage:Yes! On a limited basis.  We do require you to email or call in to request this appointment as we need to coordinate staff schedules. Simply email for more info or to book your session.

  • Do you offer pregnancy Massage? Is it safe? Our therapist's Lindsey & Gabrielle offers Prenatal & Postpartum massage. This service is usually safe for most women in any trimester provided that they do not have an at risk pregnancy. Our therapists or yourself may wish to contact your doctor prior to your session. 

  • Do I have to get naked? No! While we may be the experts in massage you are the expert in your body! We will never ask you to do anything that will make you uncomfortable. Please check out our blog post of this topic for more info CLICK HERE

  • Will it hurt? At our studio we specialize in gentle massage work. We believe in a smarter approach to working with the deeper tissues, rather than just pushing through. While you may find certain spots of your body more sensitive or tender, generally a massage should not feel uncomfortable. Please let your therapist know right away and expect us to check in with you about pressure and your general comfort often during your session. Some of you may prefer deeper or heavier pressure, you may find that you will enjoy working with Lindsey for a deep tissue session. Otherwise, please remember that gentle work can still make an impact on deep muscle tissue and be therapeutic.

  • Do I need to tip my therapist? While we always appreciate it, we never expect to be tipped. If you enjoyed your session and have the ability to offer a tip we will be grateful. If spending extra is not in your budget we completely understand and are thankful you took the time to work with us! We always love getting great reviews and finding out that a new client is visiting the studio because of a friends kind words.

  • Do you accept insurance? Unfortunately not at this time. We do however accept most wellness cards issued by your insurance company. 

Please check out our covid page for up to date info 


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1125 Curry Road, Rotterdam, NY 12306

All of our massage therapists work by Appointment only and have their own set hours.

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