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To wear or not to wear... Underwear?

Updated: Aug 23, 2022


I know this can be an awkward conversation. A little strange perhaps, to be discussing with a stranger, but it is a common topic your first time in the massage room. I thought maybe a blog post would help with those First Time Massage Underwear jitters!

---->First and foremost:

You absolutely have the right to keep whatever article of clothing you wish on your body during your session.

While this can inhibit certain strokes or techniques: massage can be done directly over clothing or a sheet/blanket.

Just as you have a preference, your massage therapist may have a preference or suggestion depending on what your needs and goals for your session might be. For example, as a Lomi practitioner, I love working with clients in a half or quarter drape. This means we can work from your toes up to your shoulders without any obstacles in the way. As a professional massage therapist, of course I have absolutely no problem modifying this drape based on your comfort level and what you decide to keep on during your session. Below is some information to help you make a more educated choice about whether or not you want to wear underwear under the sheets during your next massage. Remember: No matter what, that choice is up to YOU! You will always be appropriately covered at all times.

When your focus is Low Back, Sciatica, Glutes, Hamstrings or Quads (thighs/legs):

You may wish to forego underwear all together so that we have access to the muscles that will offer the most relief. If you choose to wear underwear we suggest pulling them down a bit further below your tailbone in the back. Men: If you wear boxer shorts, it may be really difficult to get to the areas we need. Briefs would allow us more ability to work on your legs.

When your focus is Shoulders, Back, Neck, or Pectoral Muscles:

It is suggested that you take your bra off. An alternate option if you really do feel more comfortable leaving it on, would be allowing us to slide the straps down, or possibly unhook the back temporarily while we work on your back. This allows us access to all your muscles without restriction.

When choosing your undergarments that you do want to keep on during your session, we also suggest using cotton fabric that is less expensive, or a pair that you would not be upset about getting a bit of oil on. **If you do find your clothes have gotten some oil on them, add 1-2 cups of apple cider or white vinegar to your laundry to help cut the oil. It works wonders for our sheets and most cotton fabrics.

At our studio we provide a washcloth and an all natural herbal spray that you can use to eliminate any excess oil before getting dressed!

Your massage therapist would be more than happy to answer any other questions that you may have as well as help you understand what choices would be best for your session.

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