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Come Get cozy and tell me all about yourself

Come get cozy and tell me all about yourself.

It always surprises me how quickly spas and some other studios need you to get undressed and on the massage table. New clients who have been other places often seem a bit uncomfortable sitting down, or even begin to take their clothes off the second they get into the massage room, because that rush is what they are used to.

We don't rush!

We genuinely want you to sit down and chat with us. No, not just small talk to waste your time. We want to know how you are feeling in your body and how you want to feel. We will go over what you love and hate about massage, where you are comfortable or totally uncomfortable being touched, and we are going to plan out a treatment that is as unique as you are.

There are no cookie cutter massages here. Listening to what you have to say matters and is important to us.

So when you head into our studio for the first time, have a seat, take a deep breath, and check in with your body. We are here to support you, not rush you on and off the table.


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