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Let's reschedule

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Last Winter was a bad year for getting sick. We hate having to cancel our appointments to take care of ourselves instead of taking care of you. As the first round of colds begin this season, we want to remind you of why it's so important to let us know if you aren't feeling well before your appointment. We will gladly help you reschedule and waive any last minute cancellation fee if you are canceling due to illness. This year we are going to be a little bit stricter about our cold and flu policy. This means it's important for you to let us know right away if you think you may have a cold before your session. We will be sending you home if feel like your symptoms are current and may be a danger to yourself and others. Below you can find some more info about why this is our policy. We care! We hope you don't get sick this year, but if you do let's reschedule!

  • It's true! We all hate getting sick! But did you know that getting a massage when you feeling cold or flu like symptoms can actually make you feel worse? There is a myth that massage helps rid the body of toxins, what we know now is that it is metabolic wastes that get moved not toxins. What this means however it that massage can get the fluids of the body moving and when you aren't feeling well, this can wreak havoc on your immune system. Feeling semi-well today may mean feeling awful tomorrow if you get a massage.

  • Many of our clients have weakened immune system. This means that even the tiniest cold germ can turn into a serious ordeal for one of these clients. What may be a little annoying bug to you or I, could mean a trip to the hospital with serious complications for someone else.

  • We hate cancelling your appointments! Because germs spread so easily and the nature of what we do everyday, we do not work on clients while we are sick. How relaxing is your session if we need to stop 15 times to blow our nose or wash our hands because of a persistent cough? Our chances of getting sick go down when our office stays free from germs. We do everything we can to keep space clean and fresh but the more people coming in and out the more chances we have to catch that cold.

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