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Let's chat about Intake Forms

Hey New Clients:

Let's chat about your intake forms!

The last massage I received was not so great. It was at a lovely spa with lots of bells and whistles before and after my treatment. The therapist wasn't bad, but there was 0 communication. Not before my session, and not during. I spent most of the 50 minutes unsure of what was coming next, trying to remember to tell her about a cut I had on my body I wanted her to avoid when she got close, and overall stressed in a moment that should have been so peaceful. She was a bit rougher than I'd like, but I didn't feel as comfortable as I should have asking her to be a bit gentler. She didn't ask if I had a goal, or area that i would like to focus on. I got a cookie cutter massage.

At our studio, it's really important to us that you NEVER feel that way. We take pride in doing a pretty in depth intake when you get to our studio so that we can really get to know you. We want to make sure we are treating you just the way you deserve, can help to understand and ease any anxieties you might have, and know what it is that makes a massage perfect for you! Every one is different. You deserve a massage designed for you!

This all starts with your intake forms. We know you are busy,so we designed them to get right to the point and they only take the average person about 3 minutes to complete.

They contain our covid waivers as well.

When your intakes are turned in right away, we can look them over and do the following:

Make sure you are scheduled for the right service and the right massage therapist based on your answers.(if not, this gives us time to reach out and help move your appointment early.)

Double check any pathology or health related issue to make sure your massage is safe

Check for allergies and make sure the room is set up to avoid anything you might be sensitive to.

Have the beginning of a treatment plan in mind.

These things are all vital first steps and help us to create the best experience possible, before you even walk in the door.

So, If you are a new client or haven't been to our studio in the last year, please fill out the intake forms as soon as you make your appointment. If you book over the phone or via email, Alli will send you the link and a welcome right away. If you book online, there will be a link in the confirmation and reminder emails. Alli will also send you the welcome link when she is next in the studio.

If you have any trouble opening the link, reading, using technology or need any help at all, please let us know. We will go though the whole form with you over the phone.

We cannot wait to work with you.


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