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Meet our staff
Sanctuary Massage Schenectady

Stephanie is a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist, having graduated from the Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy, in the fall of 2011. Trained in a variety of modalities while at school, Stephanie found her strength and passion in creating sacred space for her clients. She has developed her practice with a deep focus on connecting the mind and body to create the ultimate atmosphere in which healing may begin. This philosophy of the body-mind connection, and creating a massage treatment plan that addresses the entire body and not just symptoms, has led her to the ancient Hawaiian art of Temple Lomi. Her unique style interlaces traditional Swedish massage with the philosophy and ultra-soothing strokes inspired by Lomi Lomi techniques.

      Stephanie is known for her ability to really listen to her clients and considers their unique goals and needs with every visit. Her intuitive bodywork combined with her undivided attention and care makes her the idea therapist for those looking for deep relaxation as well as those recovering from trauma, Illness, or depression & anxiety. With training in herbalism, Stephanie creates and uses her own blend of 100% Natural herbal infused oils to enhance every session.

Stephanie has taken advanced courses in Breast Cancer & Mastectomy Massage under Cheryl Chapman as well as advanced Energy Mastery classes with Joy Adler. She has also taken additional courses in Luko & Temple Lomi at Red Pines.

In January 2015 Stephanie earned her second year certification in Sacred Plant Medicine & Herbal Holistic Healing, after doing an 18 month Apprenticeship under Sage Maurer. She completed her 3rd year of study in 2020. She is looking forward to incorporating her knowledge of herbalism into her massage practice.

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