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Have you made time for yourself today?

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

If we take care of the moments, the years will take care of themselves. ~Maria Edgeworth

One of the biggest challenges our clients face when it comes to self-Care is finding the time. With our busy lives, it's so easy to get lost in all the things on our to do list. Below are Stephanie's 3 favorite tricks to help make sure you make time for self care! Let us know if these work well for you!

3. Pick something mundane you do every day and connect it to your favorite stretch! Do you take a shower first thing in the am? Maybe you always grab that cup of coffee, or perhaps everyday at 2pm you need to send a report in to your boss! Whatever it is for you, choose that one thing and before it happens take 30-60 seconds to stretch! Take a deep breath, roll your shoulders, fix your posture and check in with your body. This should feel like a reward!

2. Buddy System! Find a friend or coworker you trust and ask them to be yourself care buddy! Ask them to check in with you a couple times during the week. It could be as simple as a text message or an email but a phone call works great too. Let them know what yourself care goals are for the week and listen to theirs. Communicate with them and help hold them accountable! Help each other! Maybe make a plan to take a walk together or schedule a massage together!

1.Set your phone alarm! Once a week set your phone alarm or schedule a text message to yourself. Let it be a daily reminder to stop everything you are doing and stretch! Only when you make these tiny moments throughout your day a priority; will they begin to make a positive difference in your life!



Take a deep Breath



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