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Massage and the Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice is around the corner! Next week in fact!

The solstices and the equinoxes have always held a special magic for me. The time of year where Mother Earth reminds of coming full circle, of finding balance. The Summer Solstice is easily identified as the longest day of the year while the Winter Solstice holds the longest night. It seems to me that this is a time of deep reflection, full of the Yang Energy of the Sun and of the Summer it can be hard to find the balance while we work hard, play hard, and try to accomplish our never ending to do lists. Our eagerness to keep active, to take advantage of the amazing weather while we have it, and to move move move, makes it easy for us to forget to take stock of our inner selves.

Where are in the world of our emotions? How is our body feeling? What have we been putting off that we really should be dealing with? Do we really understand how we are feeling about a particular situation or are we ignoring it as we keep up with the flow of the season?

The Solstice is a perfect time to get in touch, to make some deep rooted connections within ourselves and check in with how we are balancing our everyday life with our emotional needs. Journaling and meditation can be great ways to do this.

Massage of course, can be helpful as well. While working with clients recently to create regular massage schedules, it seems that a huge benefit is being able to listen to and better connect with our bodies. Know the signs of physical stress, where we carry the tension from busy days at work or emotional trauma can really help us to balance our lives. This connection can be the cornerstone in how we plan our days or weekends. It can help us to to back off when we have been to busy playing or working, or when we are ready for a new challenge.

My colleague Karen Stuto, LMT often talks about the importance of regular massage and setting a goal for coming in each season, at the very least! I couldn't agree more, but think that timing massage around the shifts of Mother Earth will make it even more powerful for you!

Are you curious about how getting a massage with the Solstice in mind can benefit you? Contact us today so that we can sit down with you, go over your specific needs and questions and create a treatment plan designed just for you! A tip from your massage therapist: Bring a journal or a notebook. After your session take some time to write down how you are feeling, any changes that you notice, parts of your body that surprised you. We can use this information to connect any patterns and help you to listen more carefully to the messages your body is trying to tell you.

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