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Resources for Products we love

At Sanctuary Massage choosing premium ingredients and the best products possible are a top priority.

Here are some of our favorite products and the business we like to support.

Essential oils:

I have now been using essential oils and aromatherapy for over 25 years and professionally for 12. They are a favorite plant medicine and I am so glad they have taken the world by storm. Many of my clients ask why we don't sell the essential oils that we love in the studio. For me, this is about holding a high ethical standard for my clients. There is a lot of dangerous misinformation out there about essential oils. It has been my perception that many of this comes from learning about essential oils through a sales lens vs deeper education. I want my clients to know that what I share about them has nothing to do with wanting to sell them a product but about sharing my love of essential oils, there benefits and how to use them safely.

with that being said here are the essential oil companies I recommend:

Click on them to link.


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