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Peony Facial Glow- Service spotlight

Our Botanical Beauty Ritual got a bit of an upgrade with a few tweaks we know you will love and a new name.

The Peony Facial Glow is hands down one of our most relaxing services that we offer. This is absolutely for you if you are experiencing:

  • jaw pain

  • stress or tension headaches

  • racing thoughts or trouble quieting down your mind

  • the weight of the world on your shoulders

  • or you really just love a great face and scalp massage.

Available as 75 or 90 minute service.

This service is all about deeply nurturing your nervous system, supporting lymph flow, and soothing the muscles of your scalp, face, neck and shoulders (for longer sessions your back or arms and hands as well).

While this is a massage we do use premium skin care products designed for your face from Wilder North Botanicals. You can find out more about the products used and the ingredients by clicking here. Special hint: Peony is a bit of a star for this session and we incorporate a few different peony products that feature this plant ally.

Steamy hot towels, ancient healing botanicals, gua sha stones, and a custom blended massage oil are highlights of this specialty session.

How to make this even more relaxing? The sacred belly massage add on is the perfect upgrade to pair with this service. Read more about that here. The warmth and tlc of the belly massage with the peony facial glow will help find deep peace and comfort.

Gua Sha is an ancient chinese healing modality that means "scraping sand" and we use them to help gently support the lymph system.
"Stephanie has a gift and is absolutely amazing at what she does. I have found my massage therapist! I have very sensitive skin and I'm pregnant now and have even more sensitive skin then when I'm not. I have to use everything fragrance free or hypoallergenic, and even sometimes that doesn't work. I went in for the botanical beauty ritual and what Stephanie mixed together for my skin was wonderful, I didn't have any reaction and I was able to enjoy the beautiful scents that she picked which I was greatful for!" Stacey

Below you will find some questions and answers that might offer a bit more info. We will be sure to update these as more questions come in.


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