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What my Favorite Pathologist has to say:

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Okay I know it might just sound strange but:

Yes..I have a favorite pathologist. In NYS to become a licensed massage therapist we have a pretty rigorous curriculum that includes a lot of science. In fact we take Pathology I and II, along with Eastern pathology. We are also required to do a fairly intense pathology research project to get final credit to graduate.

Ruth Werner is the pathologist who wrote the text book we used for class. I have never valued a text book like that one, often going back to learn about our client's medical issues and how massage can directly help or harm. I've taken a number of her continuing education classes in person and online.

It was a podcast featuring Ruth Werner, I was listening to when the light bulbs went off and I made the connections of fibromyalgia and the nervous system which changed successfully everything about my approach and treatment for those with fibromyalgia.  I owe so much to her expertise and highly respect her.

So, yes! I have a favorite pathologist. In uncertain times like these, I try hard to listen to scientific and educated opinions, like Ruths in order to take emotion out and try my best to make informed choices. Ultimately keeping each of you, our staff, and all of our families safe is our #1 priority. 

Little things and big things may change both as temporary measures and long term. Currently Ruth is speaking out as some states reopen, her stance is that massage is high risk, dangerous and not medically necessary. She says the risks still outweigh the benefits. While I think massage is vital to our wellbeing in many ways, I do agree with Ruth that medically speaking, massage is not life or death.  

Now, it's important to remember that in NY state we are not slated for reopening until sometime after June 1st. Her message is largely to those able to work right now. It is with genuine hope and prayer that as we finish May more information will update her stance.

It is my hope that you understand how deeply serious we take your health. As we learn, grow and develop the new systems we need to put in place in order to open safely we will let you know. 

Below are some links from Ruth Werner regarding massage therapy during Covid-19

More Links to arrive soon.


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