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covid-19 Protocols

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Update 8/22/22: While we do still keep some of these protocols and high cleaning standards most of this is no longer up to date. Please see our Covid-19 policy page under the policy tab for the most up to date requirements.

The following includes more information about our protocols in the studio until further notice. Please note that some of these may change and things may be added. We will be in the studio next week to set up and practice these protocols. Any changes that need to be made due to logistics or something we simply forgot to write down ( A lot of little things add up) will be added as soon as possible.

Front desk/reception:

  • When entering or leaving the massage studio, you will be asked to use the hand sanitizer we provide for you. You may use your own, if you bring it with you.

  • Please only bring inside that which is absolutely necessary.

  • Please do not bring anyone with you to your appointment.

  • All appointments will need to be paid via credit card on file, monthly program, package, or gift certificate. If you must pay for your service in cash, you must let us know ahead of time, and have exact change for your appointment as we will not be exchanging money. When making your appointment please be sure to put the cc on file that is the one you want to use to pay for your session.

  • Please do not stop in or walk in. We will be keeping our doors shut and locked aside from exact scheduled appointment times and the coming and going of our staff.

  • We will open and shut most doors for you, but everything that could be touched will be disinfected. Door knobs, pens, anything at all will be disinfected between appointments.

  • All intake forms and covid-19 screening will be done online. If you need any help, we can go over this over the phone.

Your therapist:

  • Each therapist will be returning at their own pace, once the studio is ready to reopen. Please be patient with your therapist as we each have our own personal families and medical needs to attend to.

  • NYS no longer requires us to be tested regularly.

  • Scheduling may be difficult as we may need to change or cancel appointments due to covid exposures or illness. . Please be patient with us, we are doing our very best.

  • Each therapist will be following the proper PPE requirements from the state. At this time, we must wear a mask, eye protection or a face shield, as well as a smock, gown, apron or changing our clothes between each client.

  • We have always and will always continue to wash our hands before and after every service, avoiding touching our face.

  • We have never given a massage with so much PPE Gear, please be a bit patient with use while we get used to it. Some massage modalities actually require special breathing techniques so this will be a new experience.

Your Service

  • NYS requires that you wear a mask while entering the studio, during your intake and while you are face up on the massage table as well as when you are turning over from one side to the other.

  • Should you not be able to wear a mask for medical reasons you will not be made to. By NYS Law, we cannot ask you about the health reasons you are not wearing your mask for. We trust you will respect our staff and other clients by wearing a mask if you can handle it medically.

  • At this time there will not be any Facials, Face Massage, or anything at all that requires removing or touching your mask. * for those of you who come to help with migraines I am brainstorming creative solutions around this.

  • We are working on a solution for choosing your aromatherapy as we know this is a very special part of the service for some of you.

  • Massage oils will now be scooped into disinfected jars while wearing gloves when new oil arrives. We will be using a new jar that is wiped clean for every client. When we are done with the jar, it will go into an air tight container until it can be washed in a dishwasher and disinfected. We then begin the process again.

The Massage Room

  • As always cleaning of the massage rooms between clients will be a vital part of our practice. We will be following all NYS Requirements and approved cleaning products.

  • We will be disinfecting all surfaces, massage table, door knobs, light switches between clients( we have always done this, but we will be more mindful and diligent)

  • All cushions and extra blankets or anything porous and unnecessary will be taken out of the massage rooms.

  • We have new vinyl covers on the way for each massage table that will allow for use to use the cushion and table warmer while being able to disinfect better between clients.

  • We have a bolster for each room and will not be using pillows.

  • Clean linen will now be put into an air tight and sealed bin, only opened to grab fresh linens or add fresh linens.

  • After your massage, your linens will immediately be placed in an entirely different bin that is air tight and sealed as well. * at this very moment we have not decided where the bins will be placed in the studio.

  • We will ask that you only bring into the studio what is absolutely necessary.


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