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Holiday Gift Guide

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Choosing the best massage for a loved one can be tricky. We put together a list of our favorite services and some fun gifts for this holiday season to help you decide which your loved one might enjoy the most. All of our services are customized to fit our clients needs, and typically include hot towels, and their choice of aromatherapy. All of our products are blended by hand fresh in the studio and change seasonally, so scents and herbs may change depending when they book their session.

We upped the game this year with our gift certificates. All of the envelopes are made of hand crafted and seeded paper. This means that you can plant and grow flowers from the gift certificate envelope! Super cool don't you think?

Budget Friendly Gifts

  • Face & Scalp Massage- A 30 Minute Massage perfect to relax away the stresses of everyday life! Hot towels, Rose Hydrosol Spray, and our all natural face balm make this session a favorite! *Add a Rosemary Scalp Massage for just $10.00

  • Herbal Feet or Back Scrub: As a stand alone treatment either of these options lasts about 30 minutes. We use our Seasonal hand crafted scrub to exfoliate away dead skin cells and then soothe the skin with a body butter and relaxing massage. A great way to feel refreshed!

  • Love your Face Grab & Go Gift: This gift bag is fabulous! Everything is pre wrapped in tissue paper and placed in a holiday gift bag. It includes: a Face & Scalp Massage, Bottle of Rose Hydrosol, Eco-friendly cotton facial round, and a bar of Oatmeal shea butter soap. Just $80.00

For those a bit nervous

  • Head, Hands, and Feet: This 45 Minute session means your loved one can keep their clothes on and we can give their full body attention by working all the points in their head, hands, and feet. *Make it extra special by adding the foot scrub!

  • Face and Scalp Massage: Okay maybe we just really love this service, but it makes a great gift. Details are just above.

  • 45 Minute Focus Massage: This if perfect to focus on just one area of the body to get pain relief or to try out massage for the first time.

Gifts for the person who

needs major TLC

  • 90 Minute Body Bliss: This service is customized to meet your loved one's needs and give them the best massage possible. The longer session allows us to help them relax deeply, escape every day stress and work on all thier most troubled muscles!

  • Year of Bliss: A 12 month package of 75 minute massages for the entire year. It also comes with a ton of perks and spots are limited.

  • Cozy Night In grab and go gift: This super cozy gift is pre wrapped in tissue paper, and placed in a holiday gift bag. It includes: a Gift Certificate for a 60 Minute Massage, Candle, Mixy Craft Cocktail Maker, and a heat wrap. $165.00

Gifts for the expecting mom

  • Pregnancy Massage- Specially placed pillows, a comfortable table, and a massage dedicated to help ease the aches and pains that comes with being pregnant. This is a perfect choice for expecting and postpartum mothers. Moms to be have been raving about Lindsey's work, check out the reviews!

from the Holiday Bliss Shop

We have some great gifts in our retail section this year!

Don't forget to check out our awesome Grab and Go Gifts. These are pre wrapped with tissue paper and placed in our beautiful Holiday Gift Bags! All you have to do is purchase and it's ready to go. We have a few different price points and products your friends and family will love!

~The Mixy Cocktail Infusers are super fun! Add your choice of alcohol or hot water and follow the recipe card to make and share some yummy craft cocktails! It's a fun gift!

~Our Essential Oil Bracelets are beautiful and each come with a different stone and theme! You've Got This, and Be Present are some of our favs! These are great gifts on their own or to pair with a massage gift certificate!

~The Eco Friendly Cotton Facial Rounds are another favorite. Easy to use on their own or with a cleanser they come with a bag and can be washed along with your clothes or towels.

What do you love?


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