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This one is just for the ladies

"And if I asked you to name all of the things you love, how long would it take for you to name yourself"

I can remember that day in clinic like it was yesterday. I was brand new to working on anyone other than my classmates. My client was a 12 year old girl, and since her mother was in the space next door, my classmate and I opened the curtain to massage them side by side. A mother/daughter session. About half way through, the mother tore off the sheet sat up, exposing her breasts and made a comment on how hot she was. My classmate and I were horrified! Although our clients get naked it's our job to keep them safe and covered up. What do we do?

This European mama didn't think twice. In most places around the world breast massage is a pretty normal thing. Our pectoral muscles lie just below the breast tissue and just above is where our lymph system drains, making breast massage really important. In fact, we often squish, tuck, pull, and push our breasts into tight bras that give very little movement. According to Breast Massage expert Cheryl Chapman, lack of movement or stagnant cells are a perfect breeding ground for cancer cells.

While I am certified in breast cancer massage and massage for mastectomy, it is very very rare for us American woman to feel comfortable enough to have someone else massage our breasts. So this month's self care ritual is all about Self Breast Massage.

Below you will find my top 5 reasons why I think every woman should massage their breasts and a short video on how to get started at home.

5. Getting to know what your normal breast tissue feels like will allow you to easier identify if something feels different. Self-breast exams are great to include in your massage routine.

4. Self-Love is so important. Just the act of giving your body a few minutes of dedicated TLC can reduce the stress hormones that are in our system.

3. We keep them locked up all day. Studies have actually shown that going bra-less is healthier for our breasts. While some women will never part with their bras, its important to give your breasts a chance to breath a little.

2. Massage can help boost circulation and lymph flow making sure that your cells are getting what they need to be healthy.

1. It just feels good! Let's face it, sometimes our breasts are sensitive or uncomfortable. The warmth of our hands and massage can simply ease those symptoms and make us feel better.

Sweet Violet Breast Massage Oil

Is amazing and will be available at the studio this July for purchase.

Find yourself a quiet place when you have a few moments and try out the breast massage techniques below for yourself!

Please note, I did not create nor own this video. It is the property of the Toronto Breast Health Clinic.

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