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What Sanctuary Massage Can Offer you

  • Safe & Sacred space for your body to manifest the healing changes needed within

  • Soothing relief from tense or achy muscles

  • Assistance in regaining vital balance between mind, body, & spirit

  • Increased range of motion

  • The ability to feel "at home" in your body again after illness or trauma

  • A chance to enjoy "me time" and give yourself some much needed relaxation

  • Possible relief from symptoms of Severe Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

  • A source of positive touch after dealing with an illness, injury or trauma

  • 100% Natural Products, some handmade in the studio

  • Highest quality therapeutic grade essential oils

  • Relief from symptoms of neck, shoulder and back pain

  • A custom treatment plan based on your unique goals, needs, and body

  • A dedicated massage therapist who always works through her hands but from her heart

 Massage  with Stephanie utilizes the more gentle aspects of many techniques and works within your energy field as well as your muscles to create a mind-body-spirit connection to restore your body back in balance.

The use of herbs, essential oils, elements, traditional massage modalities on your body in a sacred space allow you the ability to escape from the world on your shoulders while at Sanctuary Massage and begin the healing your body needs.

What Can Massage Do For You

Sometimes the view of Massage Therapy is that of being pampered in a spa. While that certainly is one of the more enjoyable aspects of it, there are a myriad of other reasons to get a massage, such as benefiting your overall health and addressing specific health concerns. Check out the list below  of a few examples  and see what Massage can do for you!!


    • Increases circulation of blood and lymph fluids

    • Removes metabolic wastes

    • Decreases blood pressure

    • Stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system

    • Aids in range of motion and better joint movement

    • Relieves muscle ache, pain, tension, and tightness

    • Relieves headaches caused by tension or high blood pressure

    • Eases migraines

    • Aids in recovery of trauma

    • Releases energy cysts

    • Addiction recovery

    • Stimulates hormones

    • Brings oxygen to restricted tissues

    • Reduces scar tissue

    • The uses for Massage Therapy are virtually endless. If you have symptoms or health concerns that you believe massage therapy can help with that are not on this list, please contact us directly and we would be happy to give you a private consultation about which Massage modalities might be indicated.

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