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Burn OUT

Updated: May 7, 2019

This past week has been one of the most difficult of my entire life and I am totally burnt out. No matter how much you love your life or your job, sometimes it just happens. I see it every day with my clients and as I begin to actively recover from my burn out, I wanted to share a few tips about what works well for me.

1. Recognize that you are headed towards or feeling burnt out. It is totally okay and should be common for you to stop and check in with your body. What is your body needing? How is it feeling? What about your heart, your mind, what are they needing in the moment right now? How soon can you make that happen? Always take enough time for yourself that you can know you need to take care of yourself before you get to this point.

2. Don't be afraid to ask for help. I know, I know, this is especially hard for those of us who are care takers, but it is imperative that you let others know you need help. Maybe you just need some alone time, a babysitter for a night, a Do Not Disturb sign for your bathroom, perhaps it's time to hire a housekeeper (even if it's just for the next month or two) maybe you need some friend time, or perhaps it's even time to set up an appointment with a counselor. Sometimes you just need a little help, sometimes you need a lot of help. Don't be afraid to let the people you love know what you are needing.

3. Listen to your body: What do you need? A yoga class, a massage, a nap? These things are not luxuries they are necessary parts of your health and well-being. For me, water plays a huge part of my own healing, long baths, hot showers, time at the lake or even a foot soak can make gigantic impacts on my level of health. What is it your body needs? Healthy food? Water? Maybe you have been putting off that doctor appointment, GO MAKE IT.

4.Don't get stuck in the myth of busy! Sometimes we use the word busy to signal success, and positivity. That really isn't healthy. It is totally okay to NOT BE BUSY. It's totally okay TO SAY NO. Give yourself permission to let go of things this week that you don't want or need to be doing. Adding on that extra task, making another dessert for the party.... The whole party.. it's totally fine to listen to your body and let go of anything that is just causing extra stress. Do not take on more. Let go of the guilt associated.

5.Remember that SELF-CARE IS NOT SELFISH! If you are just scraping by, and scarping the bottom of the barrel of energy to give to those around you, you aren't giving them what they deserve anyway. So just stop. Do what you need to heal and feel better. Once that happens you will be able to give without depleting your own energy and it will be so much sweeter for everyone.

You've got this!


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