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Choosing which massage is for you!

Choosing which Massage is for you:

There are a lot of modalities out there and often people are a little unsure of what type of massage to get. This is especially true if you are completely new to the studio. Here are some tips!

  • You can't go wrong with our Body Bliss Massage: This session is designed to be custom tailored just for you. The massage will be comprised of multiple types of massage all with your treatment plan in mind. It is considered a full body massage and is available is 60, 75, and 90 minutes.

  • All massage is Therapeutic Massage!

  • The Focus Massages are great to help you hone in on one particular problem area. Often people will choose Neck and Shoulder work, Low back pain, or even just a focus on Hands. Your therapist will listen to your needs and let you know what the best plan is.

  • For those who are unsure about being touched by a stranger, try our popular Face & Scalp Massage, or our Head, Hands, & Feet Massage. These are shorter sessions, and do not require the removal of clothes. This is a great option to see if Massage is a good fit for you.

  • For those of you who would like a little extra Relaxation, choose any of our seasonal spa services. These can be added onto any session above for extra TLC or can be a indulgent service all on it's own. Our herbal spa menu is unlike any in the area, changes seasonally, and is hand crafted by our owner and herbalist Stephanie Cavoli, LMT

  • Deeper Tissue- All of our massage sessions can focus on deeper muscles usually through slower and more repetitious strokes vs sinking an elbow in until it hurts. Ask your therapist about this for more info, as the myth of No Pain No Gain is prevalent in our culture but does not need to be true to get a therapeutic massage. If you happen to just prefer the deeper pressure there is a $10.00 add on option that is available with Lindsey only

  • For those who have been hurt or did not feel listened to by another massage therapist: Please come in and try a session with Stephanie. In fact you can schedule a consultation with her for free. Stephanie has an amazingly therapeutic touch that can be extremely gentle and everyone at the studio is known for listening to their clients. We love to help you discover the positive benefits you can find when you build trust with a therapist who really cares about your needs.

  • Expecting Mothers: Lindsey loves helping you to feel better and as a mom expecting her second child she knows first hand what that takes. Choose the prenatal massage for a safe and soothing session that will help to ease those new aches and pains.

  • We have a variety of other services and specialize in working with clients who have Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease or autoimmune disorders. please schedule a consultation with anyone if you have questions.

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