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The beauty of being a regular client at a small massage practice!

I walked into the studio today and was greeted by Lindsey Dallos, LMT as she began to set up for her first client of the day. She is super excited about her new Hot Stone Massage services(side note, you have to try it, it's amazing) and decided to try something a little fun. She filled our crystal bowl with fresh snow and added the stones! Her next client is not a fan of heat, and Lindsey decided to really customize her session.

Most of our clients know that we genuinely love what we do, and will absolutely go out of our way to make a session extra special once we get to know our clients and what they need. All of our staff is given the encouragement and autonomy to offer not only the services they are skilled in and love, but also to get a little creative to make our clients feel amazing!

Just today we tried out Snow Stones, chose music based on our clients preference, and actually made a plan to ensure that each client received the amenities we have to offer that works the best for them! We didn't think twice about moving our hot towel cabinet or switching out the essential oils we know particular clients love!

These are the things that makes our day go better! These are the things that make us Happy to come to work! We love it when you feel special in our space! When you become a regular client and we get to know your body's needs and the things that make you the most comfortable it's fun and easy for us to go out of our way to do those things for you.

As a new client, visiting the studio for the first time, we are absolutely going to listen to you. Our intake process is designed to ensure that you get the exact massage you are needing that day! We ask specific questions to ensure that the pressure, temperature, style and entire experience is on point! Expect to spend a little extra time because your "massage time" doesn't even start until your actually on the table.

As Sanctuary Massage nears our 5 year anniversary I have learned a lot of things. One of the most beautiful lessons has come in the form of clients who make self-care a priority in their life. Regular massage, whether every week or once a month really does make a difference! Clients are often surprised that with each session, their massage keeps getting better and better! "how is this possible?" they often ask!

I believe the answer is in mutual trust. There is a connection between a Massage therapist and her clients. The more a client visits, the more trust they have not only in the process and benefits of massage but also in the therapist they are working with. When your muscles trust, they really allow the therapist to work her magic. We can work deeper muscles without as much uncomfortable pressure. We also get to know what "normal" means for your body. This gives us clues on which muscles we might need to spend extra time with. Your feedback after sessions also really helps us to customize your treatment plan. Pressure, time spent on each particular muscle, types of oils or products used can all be changed based on our knowledge of your body, what you ask for and the story your muscles tell us as we get to work with them more often.

Are you a client who loves to be warm and cozy? Perfect! We have the table warmer and hot oils all ready for you! Are you a little sensitive to scents or chemicals? No Problem we will make sure to use our plain coconut oil! Would you like to listen to your own music or something special? Sure! Working in a smaller practice really allows us the freedom and time to change things up and make sure your massage is special! Let us help you get the massage you really deserve!

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