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New Moon Soul Care

The moon has always held a beautiful fascination for me! A phase I thought one day I might grow out of and yet I realize now that was never going to happen. The Moon and Her cycles are linked very closely to our every day life, and even for those who do not seem to pay attention to her waxing and waning as a massage therapist in the business of helping people connect with their bodies, I see it every day!

Most of us are familiar with the crazy lunar energy of the full moon, when She shines high and bright in the sky, illuminating things often kept quiet.

How many of us can feel the connection to the New Moon? The time when the sky is dark and the radiant silver light cannot be seen, is a deep time for reflection. A time to go within and listen to our bodies. Check in with our hearts and our souls, notice the things our bodies are needing, or are getting to much of. A quieting of our energies to restore and renew!

The new moon is an amazing time for any massage. Whether you book a session or practice some self-massage at home, it is a great way to practice that self-care and take some much needed time for yourself! Below is a simple Self-Care ritual that will help to soothe your soul and connect your body and mind!

New Moon Self Care Ritual

What you need:

1/2 a cup of sugar or salt


Your favorite essential oil

Bring your bowl of sugar and jar of honey into the shower or bath with you. Be sure to use plastic in case it gets slippery. Take your bath or shower like normal! Add 2 drops of your favorite essential oil into the sugar and then pour in the honey. Stir with your finger until you get the consistency that you like best. Use the scrub to massage your legs and feet. Your arms, and chest as well. Use this time to focus in on your body, the way the scrub feels, the scent, the consistency of the honey. Rinse off with warm water and pat dry! Follow up with your favorite massage oil for a little self massage.

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