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Warm up with us this Autumn

There is nothing better than a cozy warm massage room and treatments that soothe you from your toes to your soul! As the weather starts to cool down we invite you into the studio to warm up and get some much needed TLC!

Hot Towels:

This add on is surprisingly soothing. We use hot towels to wrap around your hands and feet along with any focus area to ease muscle tension and melt away your stress!

Hot Oil:

Our oils are warmed over a candle before adding aromatherapy essential oils and applied to the skin. Silky smooth and incredibly luxurious this treatment is included with every session.

Herbal Heat Wraps:

Wraps are an amazing way to begin a massage session. Heated and placed around your neck, belly, feet or your focus area, these stay nice and toasty for the first half of your session easing that muscle tension and helping you stay nice and cozy on the table. Offered free of charge based on availability.

Herbal Oils:

Warming herbs like Ginger, Cayenne , and Cinnamon are infused into our carrier oils and create an indulgent healing addition to your massage. We love using these oils on areas with a lot of pain and tension as well as to warm you up during your massage!

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