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Fill your well

This October I decided to shake things up at the studio and offered some really cool Halloween Specials. One of these was called the “Fortune Teller” in which clients were able to choose a Soul Card and meditate with it by the fire before we began the massage session.While each client choose their own card, and made their own conclusions about what spoke to their soul, I noticed a very specific theme laced throughout all of the sessions. As I listened closely to all of my clients in the last two weeks, this theme seemed to become a pattern.

That pattern was one of giving of ourselves until our well is depleted and or almost empty without remembering to refill that well. As we are about to head into the busy hustle and bustle of the holiday season, I think it is really important to begin creating a plan to keep our wells filled.What are the things that help you to fill our own reserves? Massage is a great way to help with connecting to your own body, relaxation, easing pain and stress within your muscles and can also be a spiritual experience for some. What else helps to fill your well? Naps, journaling, baths, indulging in your favorite dessert, spending quality time with your loved ones, breathing in fresh autumn air or anything else that feels good to your body and soul can help to fill your well.

Make a list! Make it a priority!

One technique I find particularly helpful with this, is something I learned while studying fibromyalgia. The Spoon Theory suggests that all of us have a certain number of spoons each day. Imagine if you will that the spoons represent your energy, your emotional/physical ability to get through the day. As the day goes on we lose the spoons. A stressful moment at work; a fight with our spouse, a vigorous hike can all be losses of spoons throughout the day. Operating with no spoons or only a few left can take a huge toll on our bodies. We can however avoid that, by adding new spoons to our jar or filling our well.

Practicing self-care every day and doing the things that add spoons or fill our well is not about being selfish. In fact the fuller our wells, the more spoons we have, the more we can give! As the holidays approach, it is important to explore and understand the things that really help fill you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. With this information you can begin to plan your self-care practice daily. A morning tea ritual, meditation before bed, a walk on your lunch break, booking that massage appointment you have been needing, are all little ways you can take the first step into self-care.

When you make this a priority in your life, you will begin to see a shift in your energy, moods, and overall health and wellbeing! What is your plan to keep your well flowing and full?

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