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All of our massage therapists work by Appointment only and have their own set hours.

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Information is changing quickly. Please take note of the date listed in the header.

We will be sure to change this as often as we update this page.

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  • Massage Therapy has been assigned to Phase 3.

  • NYS is slated to open phase 3 on June 17th. 

  • We do not have an opening date yet. Each therapist will have their own re-start date, and will be working a schedule that allows us to follow guidelines and all cleaning protocols. 

  • Navigating the guidelines and requirements for reopening has bit complicated. We are taking the time to reorganize, set up and be completely ready for reopening. Please be patient with us. 

  •  We are waiting on needed items in order to re-open. There are a lot of things we need to change in the studio space. We have spent hundreds of dollars to make these changes and many of the items have still not arrived. We cannot set a re-opening date without them.

  • All appointments for June have been cancelled. We needed to do this to make sure that the scheduling of appointments fit in with the time we need to sanitize the space and keep social distancing. 

  • Each therapist has their own set of needs during this time, and when each begins taking clients along with what services will be offered will differ between therapists. 

  •  We will not be rescheduling appointments until we know when we can open our studio and have a solid plan based on requirements for scheduling.

  • We have a list and will be contacting you to reschedule in the order your appointments were moved or canceled. 

  •  We will be doing a love broadcast when have more concrete information. It will be an opportunity to say hello and address all your questions at once. We will send the info out when we have a date. You can register to watch live, or send in your questions and watch the replay.

  •  You will absolutely not lose out on any of the services in your packages or from gift cards due to the covid-19 shut downs. Once we reopen, we will have you reach out to Alli, who can help you get booked and give you a new expiration date.

  • If you are immuno-compromised and do not feel comfortable returning to massage when we do open, you will also be able to reach out and we can absolutely elongate those expiration dates so you can get the care you deserve when you are ready! 

  • Again, we appreciate your patience and promise to get through this as easily as possible for you. I wish we had more information. Enjoy this beautiful day. Let us know how you are practicing self care