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Red Tent 


The red tent massage is a unique offering focusing on helping you to connect to your own divine sacred self. It is specifically designed to honor both body and soul with bodywork that combines herbal massage oils, energy work, shamanic plant medicines such as smudges, tribal music and Temple Lomi Massage. 

The focus of these sessions is on connection and reverence vs the traditional bebefits of massage therapy.  Stephanie brings to you her shamanic herbal experience along with her massage training and love of ancient women's mysteries. She hopes to create a sacred space within her massage studio for your to stretch beyond your comfort zone and begin to feel the pure bliss available to you when you are in tune with your divine self. 

Our extensive intake is one of deep reflection,  introspection and the beginning of a journey that we hope helps to heal and celebrate the very essence that is you!  Every Session is a bit different and it's really up to each woman exactly what she will get out of her massage. 

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