Goldenrod stole my heart this summer, growing abundantly in the garden of my new home next to Rhubarb. Tall with the deepest yellow blooms I have ever seen, they gave me so much summer joy!

A beautiful solar plexus herb that is often wrongly blamed for our spring allergies.

I really wanted to support my solar plexus healing, digestive system, and created this lovely earthy massage oil for just that.

This makes a truly lovely belly massage oil but can be used anywhere on the body.

It's natural earthy scent has been enhanced with cedarwood spruce essential oil, and I almost named "the golden forest" massage oil.

It's also made with decedent pumpkin seed oil for a rich luxurious feel as well.

Use for amazing belly massage activating your digestive system and solar plexus, to massage any sore muscles, or add a few drops to your bath.

Goldenrod Massage Oil

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