• 45 Minutes for $65.00-Offered as our popular Head, Hands,& Feet Massage or a with a focus on one area of the body.

  •  60 Minutes for $95.00- Generally a full body massage with one area of focus.                                       Buy 6 for $455.00

  • 75 Minutes for $118.00- A full body massage with time to give special attention to 1 or 2 focus areas. 

  • 90 Minutes for $142.00- A full body massage with plenty of time to address your focus areas or add energy work to your session.       

Spa Services and Add On Sessions are priced individually.

Prenatal & Women's Services

Every service is completely safe and  customized based on your unique needs and massage goals. 

  • Massage for Menstrual pain relief  -Gentle techniques focused on the low back and abdomen to ease the symptoms of painful menstrual cycles, endometriosis, and other pelvic floor pain.                                                                                                              

  • Fertility Massage- This massage helps women who want to become pregnant deeply relax. It ends with an abdominal massage that brings blood and lymph flow to the uterus and ovaries for optimal ovulation and menstruation.

  • Pregnancy Massage- Let us treat you to the kind of TLC that every expecting or new mother deserves. Special cushioning will help you feel more comfortable then ever while we help to relieve those prenatal aches and pains.                                                                                     

  • Postpartum Massage- This massage helps to address the physical and emotional challenges that come with adjusting to life after pregnancy and birth. Feel better, sleep better, and get relief from aches and pains. 


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All of our massage therapists work by Appointment only and have their own set hours.

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