Bring the Spa home with you

We have been so excited about opening our retail section in the spring. While the virus stopped our services and most of our plans in their tracks, we have created retail items to help you bring the spa home to you. Limited resources has kept our offerings small and I promise we will have better labels when we are back up and running. However I love the actual products and can't wait for you to try them out.

We hope to have much more available when we reopen.

To order simply email with what you would like. We will personally confirm, charge the card on file or call you to add a card, then set up your pick up time.

For your Hands

Honey masks have been a favorite in the studio and this one has been designed with soothing calendula to help combat dry hands from washing and sanitizing. I added some exquisite ingredients to this blend.


For your Feet:

Bee Balm has long been a favorite herb for my feet and I really wanted to share this with you.

Foot Scrub: $15.00

Foaming Foot Soak: $10.00 (limited amount available)


$15.00 Each

These are my favorite ways for you to use essential oils. Simple, ready to use because they are pre-diluted and you can easily store in your purse, desk, or cosmetic bag.

Each are bigger than the Edens Garden ones, and feature Meadowfoam oil. Meadowfoam is a great carrier oil known for it's long shelf lif and silky feel.


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