Our Monthly Program Vs A Package

It's always been really important to us that all of our clients have access to amazing massage services within a budget that makes getting massage as often as needed possible.  Our packages have been a really wonderful and flexible way for you to save money and get the massage you deserve. Some of you have expressed that you are looking for something a little different and this Summer we opened up a select number of spots in our monthly massage program. Clients have been loving this and the questions for many of you has become: What is best for me, a package or the program?  Below you will find some information to help you decide if one of these are a great possibility for you.


Choose the program  if:

  • Paying $84.00 or $104.00 each month is easier on your budget than $420.00 or more at a time

  • You love the Self-care accountability of coming to the studio at least once a month

  • Sometimes you or you & your spouse together end up visiting the studio more than once a month

  • You love the extra benefits of a 75 minute or 90 minute massage

  • Discounts on the spa services and upgrades sound amazing to you

  • You don't want the hassle of remembering to purchase a new package or keeping track of how many sessions you have left.

 How much does the program cost and what are the details? CLICK HERE


Choose the program  if:

  • Paying a higher rate all at once at a discount is easier on your budget that spacing it out monthly

  • You love being able to indulge in massage some months and holding on to your sessions for special occasions throughout the year other times

  • You might want to share your package with someone who deserves massage as much as you

  • A 60 minute session is just the right time for you

I think it's time for me to purchase a new package now: CLICK HERE


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