A Signature Scent for Sanctuary

Aromatherapy can enhance your massage session in a multitude of ways. From the gentle soothing of muscles, uplifting your mood, or helping you to settle down and relax, different scents can offer different benefits.

Here at Sanctuary Massage there is no additional charge to add aromatherapy to your session and we often change our supply of essential oils based on the season. This year however; there was one scent that was requested more than any other and we kept it on hand year round.


This fresh scent has the unique ability to both uplift and brighten the spirits while still offering deep relaxation and gentle calm. Perfect for Massage don't you think? Lemongrass is now our Signature Scent and we think you made the perfect choice!

This means that we will always have the gentle scent of Lemongrass available for your massage and new products with lemongrass to help you bring a little bit of the relaxation you get at the studio home!


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All of our massage therapists work by Appointment only and have their own set hours.

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