Live Vividly, Meet Laura Harrison

The new space at Burdeck Street has been amazing. Aside from all of the wonderful massage that is happening, the Healing Arts room is full of great energy. One of the reasons for that great energy is Laura Harrison! She has been teaching Yoga and helping clients transform their lives since August at Sanctuary Massage and I couldn't be more excited.

She has been teaching yoga for the past ten years and is the founder of The Natural Yoga Method. She wrote the Book on Living Vividly (no seriously, she just finished writing an amazing book that you want to read right now) and has so much to offer!

Her smile is contagious and her enthusiasm and ability to inspire others is off the charts.

Laura offers private and semi-private sessions. Along with her time here at Sanctuary Massage she offers sessions in your own home and various locations around the capital district.

Here is what Laura has to say about her work and what she can do for you!


"Guided Transformation~ that is perhaps the only appropriate title for my work.. I am looking for people who know that their current lifestyle isn't working for them, people who may be struggling with their self-image or feeling of wholeness, carrying some wounds to heal, and may even feel lost. You have to want to work for happiness. If you are willing to do your best, I want to, and absolutely can, help you. I can't do it for you, but I literally can help you make a map, flow with the ups and downs of your transition, and find a new way of life that is refreshing, free, empowered, and worthy of your inner beauty. Message me if you are interested, but the basic format is something like this (it's always customized for each person).. A two-hour initial session to meet, align our thoughts, and make a plan that we will implement together. Choosing and coming to a Weekly semi-private session. Coming to a 90-minute private session where we keep you fueled, growing, healing, and you will leave with a personal daily routine and "homework" assignment for the month. At some point I will have you come to the amazing, life-changing, Living Vividly workshop as well. It will only make all of this other work that much more effective and meaningful for you. I want to fill my work days with this meaningful and much-needed work. Please share, please don't be afraid to reach out."

Learn more about Laura, purchase her book, join her inspiring facebook group Soul Writings or contact her for more info by visiting:

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Phone 518.952.1161

1125 Curry Road, Rotterdam, NY 12306

All of our massage therapists work by Appointment only and have their own set hours.

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