Extract the Sweetness

Today was an extra special treat. A rare Sunday off, spent with a loved one, and at Orenda in Sacred Circle with a group of people I was so honored to have welcome me. In the busy rush of our everyday lives it so easy to forget the importance of community, celebration and sacred ceremony. However big or small we are creatures of ritual, something that seems almost forgotten in this day and age

.And while I spend my days creating sacred space for each one of my clients, I truly forgot how much I adored, how much I needed to be bathed in this most special energy. A group of people with a simple goal: Offering love, accepting love, unconditionally and without judgment through music.

As Eric Marczak explained that the essence of the first Native American Flutes were really about the courting of the female spirit and that he believes there are more flute circles today than ever before, the impact was not lost on me. In a time where our Mother Earth in all her feminine splendor is so unappreciated, so unsupported, and literally being destroyed by the very hands she breaths life into, now more than ever we need flutes. We need the music that can speak to the sweet soul of the earth, a language that can heal and bring forth the great female spirit upon which we live.

Speaking of Female Spirits; As the group of talented passionate flutists played their music both one by one and together Suzanne Rancourt spoke gently yet powerfully. Not only did she echo my thoughts above about our mother earth but they took hold somewhere deeper within as she shared her insights. Safe, and accepted into this circle tears flowed slowly quietly as I shook a rain stick and my heart chakra burst open.

Never could I have guessed how much healing I could have received from this circle. I walked away feeling lighter, happier, ready. Perhaps the music itself is coaxing my own spirit up and active again, or perhaps it was a day spent with these open and accepting people in circle, maybe a little of both has made me longing for more. The Sweetness, the essence of the flute-the essence of the spirit was mentioned often by Eric, who makes the flutes he plays, and this above all else stuck with me. For what point is there to life, if we do not take the time to extract and honor the Sweetness.

***This Video Clip has been borrowed from Youtube and was not taken today. I hold no rights to this video, I simply wanted to share this with you. You will find more information about the video should you visit the link, All credit is given to it's creator and to Eric M.

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