What Happens After My Massage

Whether you have worked with us or another massage therapist, Sanctuary Massage believes it is important to know what to expect after your massage. Here are a few things that you might find helpful.

Remember: In New York State we will not Prescribe, Diagnose, or Cure. Please make sure you seek our advice from your doctor if you have any questions specifically about your health. 

​We truly hope that you enjoyed your time at the Sanctuary Massage and look forward to working with you again. If you have any questions about the information  here please do not hesitate to contact us directly or speak with your health care professional.

Your Next Session:

As Massage Therapists, we really believe in the value of what we do, so of course we are going to ask you to come back again. Most people choose to come back for a session once a month, however if you are working towards a specific goal, or are in the process of recovery, your therapist may ask you to come back sooner. It is not uncommon to come back every week or even twice a week in order to stay ahead of any pain and discomfort to truly give you the best possible results.  Ultimately, remember that you are in charge of your massage and how often you would like to come in, but it is suggested you listen carefully to your massage therapist’s recommendation before you make any definite decisions.

Drinking Water:

Your therapist should have advised you to drink plenty of water before and after your session. Most massages include techniques that not only relax you but move fluid, bringing fresh blood flow to previously restricted areas as well as helping to clear out toxins and metabolic waste from your cells. The more water you drink, the better you will feel, and it will provide your cells with what they need to continue the healing process.



Sometimes your therapist will give you suggestions for stretches. Trying these out at home is always a good idea because they may enhance the work you and your therapist have done.  Stretching your muscles is an important aspect in keeping them healthy and pain free. If your therapist gave you a stretch that you don’t understand, ask them to demonstrate it for you again. Never be afraid to call the office to be refreshed on any stretching techniques you may have forgotten.

Feeling Sore:

Depending on exactly what muscles your therapist may have worked on and how deeply they may have worked, it's possible to feel a little sore or achy in certain spots. Please know that is very common and completely natural. In fact, it is usually a sign that your therapist was able to make some changes in your tissue and chances are the second day after your massage you will feel better than ever.